Retail Vehicle Advertising

At AFS, we want to be a one-stop-shop for all your dealership growth solutions. A big part of that, obviously, is our dealer floor plan services. On top of that, we also connect independent auto dealerships with top-of-the-line digital marketing services, helping them to grow their dealership by improving customer volume—and, by establishing their dealership as a dealership of choice among local consumers.

Dealer Marketing Services from Get My Auto

To that end, AFS proudly partners with Get My Auto. Based in Orange County, Get My Auto provides comprehensive marketing services to auto dealerships only—services that include local SEO, Facebook advertising, Craigslist positioning, and more. Get My Auto’s team of experts have amassed years of experience helping independent car dealerships to make names for themselves. Plus, they have the tools your dealership needs to generate more foot traffic, more appointments, and more sales.

Dealer Floor Plan Loans and Beyond

Whether you are looking for marketing, floor plan lending, or something else altogether, we have the resources your dealership needs to grow—and we’re ready to come on board as your trusted ally. Learn more by reaching out to AFS today.