Credit Lines for Independent Auto Dealerships

Auto dealerships need to keep their showrooms and lots stocked full of inventory—and to do that, they need a certain level of financial flexibility. That’s what makes floor plan financing so invaluable: It frees dealerships to build their inventory without tying up the funds they may need for other operational expenses. AFS is proud to offer financial services of different sorts, including credit lines for independent auto dealerships.

Dealer Floor Plan Credit Lines

The first thing to note about our floor plan financing is how versatile it is. AFS is accepted at all Manheim and Adesa Auto Auctions across the country; we can even floor your trade-in vehicles and purchases from other Independent auctions as well as vehicles purchased from other dealers and new car dealerships.

Our approach to establishing a line of credit is a bit different than those other dealer floor plan providers. We customize the credit line to meet your needs instead of trying to put you in a program that is “one size fits all.” We pair our vehicle floor plan services with customer service that is unparalleled, along with online tools that gives you 24/7 accessibility to view your floored inventory, make payments, and view payment history. On top of that, we offer competitive dealer floor plan rates.

Get Dealer Floor Plan Financing Today

To learn more about how dealer floor plan financing works, and how it can help your dealership to grow and to thrive, we invite you to contact AFS today.