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Why Auto Finance Solutions?


Keep Your Lots Stocked With Cars

Get the credit you need to buy new vehicles for your dealership.


Discover Competitive Rates

Our job is to offer financial flexibility, not burdensome payments.


Get Full Back-End Assistance

Manage your AFS quickly and easily with our virtual office.


Enjoy Top-of-the-Line Service

Work with financial providers who truly care about your success.


Floor Plan Financing for Your Auto Dealership

Is your dealership seeking the financial freedom that it needs to grow and to thrive? Our floor plan financing services can offer that freedom and so much more. Welcome to AFS, a leading provider of dealer floor plan services. We’re here to provide your car dealership with the resources it needs to expand.

Our primary job is to help you with financing, and to that end AFS offers credit lines that enable you to buy more inventory or to attend to other needs your dealership has. We seek to empower independent auto dealers to buy wholesale inventory, and as dealer floor plan providers we can also deliver the capital needed for strategic growth.

AFS is known for its exemplary customer service standards, for its helpful back-end functionality, for its low rates, and more. And, in addition to being one of the top car dealer floor plan companies, we can also connect dealerships to legal, marketing, and wholesale resources.

When you’re ready to move your dealership forward, come to AFS. We’re here to invest in your ongoing success. Reach out to our dealer floor plan experts today!